This is one of my favorite spots locally. I live about a quarter mile from here and it's my wife and I's go to spot. They are quick and the sandwiches are big! They don't cheap out. Definitely recommend going here
(Andrew Le)
Love this place. Great meat, cheeses, raviolis, sauces and much more. Also one of the best sandwiches around and the only place around to get REAL Italian bread
(John Mazurek)
Placed a large order on short notice! Accommodating and friendly staff. Food was outstanding! Best meatballs..EVERYONE raved about them. Sandwiches are top notch with the freshest of meats. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.
(Lisa Coffre)
Love everything they make, personal favorites are, raviolis, manicotti, both topped with their meat sauce. Vodka sauce is great too.. and don't forget a bread and fresh mozzarella!! Ohh and olives, stuffed peppers.. I can go on and on
(Dawn MD)
The Best! Anthony and crew always make sure that both their customer service and food are top notch. Sapore isnt as close to my house as other places with similar food, but I'm more than willing to take the extra time to head over when I want the best!
(Peter Gallo)